Production Line

EXTRUDER: Extrusion is the first step of the production process.
Raw materials in the form of granules with various densities and physical properties is made into film by extrusion techniques. In line with the needs of our customers will be transferred to the next processing in physical properties of these films have gained coils.

FLEXO - PRINTING: Print is the second of our production process.
Designs requested by our clients, prepared by our graphics department is transferred onto the film after using solvent based inks flexo printing techniques.

In flexo printing plates with digital prints up to 8 colors at high speed are performed under great precision and control.

Lamination: Solvent or solvent-free lamination technique with PE, PET, BOPP, CPP, PE, various building materials such as metal and pearlized are laminated using adhesive which has strength and resistant for high temperatures and chemicals.

REWIND: The last step of our production unit is; carrying our products into required size and dimension in accordance with our customer’s demand.

Resulting from large-scale production and to ensure that the desired diameter and is ready to be used in most of our customers in coils filling machine.

CUTTING:  The final part of this production process is; products are carried into bag form in various types and sizes according to customer’s requirement.

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