Searching employer

Our company for producing printed or unprinted packaging materials shall be of industrial engineers to evaluate the marketing department.

20 Ocak 2015

Good sign movement in the packaging!

Modern Packaging General Manager Mesut Radiology, 3rd semester of 2014 is now negative for the sector, told us that jobs are stagnant.

17 Ocak 2015

Our new website is ready for use

In the past months, we made an agreement with the Agency Esperto to prepare a new website for our Corporate identity.

16 Ocak 2015

The success of the Yağmur Packaging

In recent months Yağmur Packaging officials invited to conferences in the Izmir Ataturk Cultural Center, they made its mark in a presentation they had done the day.

15 Ocak 2015

Outstanding achievement certificate Yağmur Packaging

Ege University officials Yağmur Packaging interview held under the leadership of Social Responsibility Community did the talking. 250 listeners participated in the interview was quite fun and efficient.

15 Ocak 2015