Good sign movement in the packaging!

ISTANBUL - Modern Packaging General Manager Mesut Radiology, 3rd semester of 2014 is now negative for the sector, told us that jobs are stagnant.

"Before we see growth contraction in the economy. If we work to improve, it is starting to improve in the whole economy. By the end of the holiday, began to work a little movement since September. In October, we take the positive signals. November hopeful, "said Koyuncu think that revived more jobs in the months ahead. Ramadan came to a halt in the work of the then exchange rate effect caused by the laughter of the movement of containers in the face of exports in September. Koyuncu, "every product we clothe going abroad, export important to us. We hope he will improve even more, "he said.

Turkish Plastic Industry Research, Development and Education Foundation (PAGEV) Chairman Yavuz Eroglu summer of festivals, elections and now very sluggish due to Ramadan said, "we could not find quality time job that can be done. The movement began in October, both export and domestic market. We receive the signal of the movement of the sectors to the end-user packages. Information coming at us from all the members in this direction, "commented.

President of the Association of Corrugated Mukavvacı Istanbul Mehmet Nuri Görenoğl also confirmed the movement. "Summer is over stagnation of the month," said Görenoğl is, "In October, the amount of growth can be compared to the previous month based on the 5 percent level in the packaging industry," made the prediction.

SOCAR Petkim Board Member and President of Turkey Kenan Yavuz The development was evaluated as follows: "Packaging is a leading sector. The signal given by the packaging industry shows that mobilization and slow. To give positive signals in recent days in the industry, very positive in terms of our economy. "

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